Ethereum Developers, Scale Your Dapp on Layer 2 Today

Learn to deploy your Solidity dapps to Loom Network in minutes, and experience the benefits of building on Layer 2:


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Who’s Building on Loom?

Countless developers are already building on Loom. 
Here are some of the more notable projects:

1–3 second confirmation times

No gas fees for users

Avoid mainnet transaction congestion

Fully compatible with MetaMask and other major Ethereum wallets

Why Build on Loom?

What are the benefits of launching my dapp on Loom's Layer 2 instead of Ethereum?

Run at Scale with 1–3 Second Confirmation Times

Loom runs on Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS), and is optimized for the fast confirmation times and high transaction throughput necessary for real-world user-facing dapps. Plus, Loom is secured by 20+ independent validators on DPoS with more validators actively being added.

Access to the Largest User Base Possible

You don't need to choose and silo your dapp by building it for just one type of user. With universal transaction signing — users from every major chain will be able to access your Loom dapp using their native wallets — giving you access to the largest number of users possible. Loom is the universal Layer 2 that connects all current (like: Ethereum, EOS, Tron, Cosmos, etc.) and future major blockchains, providing an application layer on top, and optimized for scalable, UX-focused dapps.

Production-Ready Right Now

Since Loom is already live in production, you don't need to wait for some distant scaling solution. You can launch your dapp right now and start onboarding thousands of users (from all the major blockchains) immediately.

Future Proof Your Dapp

Building on a base layer blockchain comes with a risk of vendor lock-in to a losing platform. We're continually building integrations with new chains, making Loom the layer of abstraction necessary to ensure your dapp never becomes obsolete. Since Loom's universal layer 2 is built to withstand future changes in technologies, your dapp won't be affected by new or old platforms now or in the future.

Ethereum-Backed Security

Loom is designed as a Layer 2 that is interoperable with Ethereum. It's compatible with all ERC20 and ERC721-based assets, allowing users and dapps to utilize the full security of Ethereum when needed.

Who Are We?

You might know us as the creators of CryptoZombies — the most popular blockchain code school where over 415,214+ developers have learned to code Ethereum dapps.

But that’s barely scratching the surface.

If you are out of the loop...

Loom Network is a blockchain platform that’s specifically optimized for user-facing applications that run completely on the blockchain.

We’re integrating with major blockchains to ensure you have the largest user base possible right from the start.

Our #1 goal is to make the lives of dapp developers’ less stressful.

That’s why Loom is built by developers, for developers.